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It is very obvious that you take the word “service” very seriously. After buying and selling 3 homes in Arizona through you, Jim and I believe that the process is about more than just “earning a commission” for you. You have made yourself available to respond to our needs, both personally and professionally, whether we have had the luxury of time, or things have come down to the wire. We have found your judgement of prospective properties, while considering our needs, likes & dislikes to be sound and very trustworthy. When we sold our second property in Arizona and did not buy back into the US market immediately, your support and professionalism, as well as the support and professionalism of the people you work with (title company) were second to none. Your knowledge of both the Canadian and US government requirements and tax laws made this process a totally painless one leaving our friends asking us “how we did that?” – our answer . . . “Tiffany at Remax!”

By: azsun45

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