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Tiffany Haynes just helped me sell my father’s house in the Estates. She had been recommended by two different people who live in the same neighborhood. I have never sold a property before so the language of real estate was new to me. When we first met her we were instantly charmed by her calm professionalism. She was very helpful during the first stage, which was getting the house ready to be listed. I live in California, so this was logistically challenging. She had a “guy” for everything that needed fixing. Once we got it on the market, the first buyers backed out. At that point she said something like “not to worry, we’ll find a buyer who’ll actually pay the asking price”. The next day, sure enough she had new buyers lined up.

I was having a lot of trouble completing the disclosure report, which is a daunting task. Tiffany spent hours on the phone with me helping me complete it. She’s a very warm and kind-hearted person. I could go on for days.  Working with Tiffany was just a delight!”

By: Tiffany