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canada-flagThis page is for Canadians who are interested in Selling or Buying a property in Arizona.

Having sold Real Estate in Canada prior to moving to Arizona,  I quickly discovered there are vast differences in the way property is conveyed in Arizona and, in general, the way people do business. The first thing I did was set up a team in the areas of Lending, Title/Escrow Companies, Inspection Services and Trades who all work well together. It is important to work with individuals who understand the concept of working with Canadian Investors.

Phoenix Real Estate for Canadians

BUYING PROCESS-Buying property in the US is complicated and you may find your first purchase challenging. I am here to guide you through the process with ease.

The first thing is to decide on is, if you need financing. As an investor outside of the US, most lenders will require 30% down. I can recommend a great lender who would love to work with you.

Lets Have Some Fun

After we find the property you are interested in and write a contract, you then have a 10 right to inspect the property.  In most cases sellers expect a request for repairs.   Arizona is a Title State, so instead of using Lawyers, we use Escrow/Title Companies. Typically we use the same Escrow Officer throughout the whole process who will make sure everything is recorded properly and previous liens are paid off.

SELLING PROCESS  Selling property here in the US doesn’t go without its complications for foreign investors.   I help you thru that process by getting your US tax return prepared.  In most cases there is a 15% tax on your gain.  The difference of what you bought it for  and what you sold it for less  your allowable expenses.

Although this is a very brief outline, I hope I have answered some questions you may have. You can always email me at Tiffany@AZSun4u.com or call me at Direct 602-828-8996.

The Sun Shines every day in Arizona and that is only one great reason to become a part of it!

Tiffany Joy Haynes

RE/MAX® Excalibur
Realtor®, GRI, ABR, CRS, CDPE

P.S. If you want to buy or sell a property anywhere in the US or Canada, I have associates who work with me and come from a similar background. Many of them are Canadians (like me) who are also Specialists. I would love to give you their names as they too understand the buying and selling process for Canadians in the US.