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It is my pleasure to recommend a professional as talented, experienced, knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic as Tiffany Haynes.  I have known Tiffany for over 10 years and have had many opportunities to use her excellent services and to observe her capabilities and qualities as a real estate professional.  I have recommended her to others many times over the years.  She has helped me purchase and sell properties as well as helped me manage rental property.  To my delight, she has consistently achieved successful outcomes for me, whether in selling, buying or managing rental properties, and also in just answering my questions and giving me advice over the years.  She is trustworthy as well as highly capable.

Tiffany listens and understands your needs and goals.  She knows how to market properties and get qualified buyers or renters, typically faster than I could have hoped for.  She answers calls, text messages, and emails consistently quickly and pays attention to important factors that I overlook.  Her wealth of experience in Phoenix Valley real estate makes her a great “go to” person for all kinds of information and good advice.  Her vast array of contacts, whether for service people you need to fix or install things, or professionals to hire, or her basic knowledge of contracts, public utilities, or HOAs, has helped me many, many times.

Tiffany shares her expertise and contacts with her clients.  She goes the extra mile when screening  buyers or renters for you and in finding properties that suit your wants and needs.  She goes the extra mile in helping you prepare your property for sale or rent.  She also goes the extra mile in analyzing the current market effectively so you have a good grasp of what current conditions are for renting, selling or buying.  She is articulate, level headed, and has a delightful personality.  Her interpersonal and communication skills are top notch.  She is a true professional in every sense of the word.  It has been my good fortune to work with her over the years,  and I recommend her without reservation to others needing the services of a realtor.

By: Tiffany